Monday 29 January 2018

Google Chrome 64 Update and Fixed 53 Security Patches

Google Chrome 64 Update and Fixed 53 Security Patches

Google Chrome 64 Update and Fixed 53 Security Patches

Google browser new version of Chrome 64 launches. New chrome update is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Chrome 64 new update also protects from Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities for Windows and Mac users. The new version of chrome protects you from Annoying experience on the webs.

Whats new?

New Chrome 64 that allows users to mute annoying autoplay videos website. Once you updated your chrome browser that you will allow to right click on the tab where the video is playing and select the 'Mute' option. Website will be muted.

The search engine giant has also added High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging support to chrome 64 for Windows users.

According to Jon Krafcik, Group Product Manager, Data Privacy and Transparency

Don’t need a reminder? Now you can mute reminder ads in Ads Settings

Go to Chrome browser Tab  Settings > Advanced >  Privacy and Security > Content Settings > Sound

Let’s say you’ve walked through one too many puddles of icy slush this winter, and you finally need to replace your snow boots.

You visit Snow Boot Co.’s website, add a pair of boots to your shopping cart, but you don’t buy them because you want to keep looking around. The next time that you’re shopping online, Snow Boot Co. might show you ads that encourage you to come back to their site and buy those boots.

Reminder ads like these can be useful, but if you aren’t shopping for Snow Boot Co.’s boots anymore, then you don’t need a reminder about them. A new control within Ads Settings will enable you to mute Snow Boot Co.’s reminder ads.

Today, we’re rolling out the ability to mute the reminder ads in apps and on websites that partner with us to show ads. We plan to expand this tool to control ads on YouTube, Search, and Gmail in the coming months, said Jon.

Last September, Apple announced a new feature in its Safari browser, called Intelligent Tracking Prevention. 


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