Thursday 19 April 2018

The Supreme Court of INDIA Website Gets Hacked

The Supreme Court of INDIA Website Gets Hacked

Supreme Court of India website got hacked, claimed by Brazil HackTeam. 

According to SC website posted screenshot, "hackedo por HighTech Brazil HackTeam."

Now the website is under maintenance, and site information was offline.

In few days back India's Defense Ministry website was hacked, after which the Home and Law Ministry websites were also down. Reports had claimed that website was hacked by chinese cyber criminals as it showed character translate into 'Zen' word.

Earlier this year, 700 websites of central and state government of India were hacked in last 4 years according to Government.

All countries government must be serious about cyber crime activities. Also to hire Ethical Hackers and Cyber security experts globally to secure the government websites.

Lack of cyber security is the main reason to website become vulnerable to hack. If the Government launch Bug bounty program then its also good opportunity to secure these websites.  


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