Friday 2 August 2019

CloudCheck- To Test String If A Cloudflare DNS Bypass is Possible

CloudCheck- To Test String If A Cloudflare DNS Bypass is Possible 

Cloudcheck is made to be used in the same folder as CloudFail. Make sure all files in this repo are in the same folder before using.

CloudFail is a tactical reconnaissance tool which aims to gather enough information about a target protected by Cloudflare in the hopes of discovering the location of the server.

Using Tor to mask all requests, the tool as of right now has 3 different attack phases.
  • Misconfigured DNS scan using
  • Scan the database.
  • Bruteforce scan over 2500 subdomains.

Cloudcheck create a empty text file called none.txt in the data folder, that way it doesn't do a subdomain brute when testing.

Cloudcheck will automatically change your hosts file, using entries from CloudFail and test for a specified string to detect if said entry can be used to bypass Cloudflare.

If output comes out to be "True", you can use the IP address to bypass Cloudflare in your hosts file. (Later automating this process)

Download Cloudcheck


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