Monday 14 October 2019

Hacking for Dummies, 6th Edition ($29.99 Value) Free

"Hacking for Dummies, 6th Edition ($29.99 Value) Free for a Limited Time"

Stop hackers before they hack you!

In order to outsmart a would-be hacker, you need to get into the hacker’s mindset and with this book, thinking like a bad guy has never been easier. Get expert knowledge on penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, security best practices, and ethical hacking that is essential in order to stop a hacker in their tracks.

This no-nonsense book helps you learn how to recognize the vulnerabilities in your systems so you can safeguard them more diligently—with confidence and ease.
  • Get up to speed on Windows 10 hacks  
  • Learn about the latest mobile computing hacks
  • Get free testing tools   
  • Find out about new system updates and improvements
  • There’s no such thing as being too safe — and this resourceful guide helps ensure you’re protected.

Free offer expires 10/15/19

Offered Free by: Wiley


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