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  5. I need help......from web expert.
    I am using a heavy traffic data entry server login. The server is restricted for the user as follows:
    (1) The server proctects the user to use multi tab of a browser for submitting the form for multi persons data at the same time. If any user use multi tab to submit any form data then the server rejects/suspend all request simulteniously.
    (2) The server protects the user to submit multipersons form data within minimum 01 minutes. I mean if I send one request and saved one data then I am unable submit another data within that time limits. If somehow I submit, then the server terminate the request to blank form and again the one minutes limit time starts form there.
    ***the server run on schedule basis time and when I submit a form data to the server then the server send the data to a third party server for verifying. if the data input verified then the data save/merge to the target server. The server address is
    I have tried MAC spoofer, IP changer etc but nothing worths. I facing facing a huge problems cause I have only one deadline day to complete my data entry. I need an ugent solutions to overcome this. Please someone help me


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