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Friday, 3 March 2017

cgPwn - Cyber Grand Pwnage Box For Hardware Hacking

cgPwn - Cyber Grand Pwnage Box For Hardware Hacking

cgPwn - Cyber Grand Pwnage Box For Hardware Hacking. 

Ubuntu VM tailored for hardware hacking, RE and Wargaming.

Install VirtualBox

Check Virtualbox for information on installing Virtualbox on your respective operating system.

Install Vagrant

Check VagrantUp for information on installing vagrant.

Fire up the VM

git clone
cd cgPwn
vagrant up
... Just wait until everything is getting setup for you.
vagrant ssh

Default settings

By default, personal dotfiles are installed onto the VM. Simply comment out the following lines in if you don't want my settings.

# Personal config
sudo apt-get -y install stow
cd ~
rm .bashrc
git clone
cd dotfiles
chmod a+x ./

Shared folder

Drop files in the sharedFolder folder on your host to find them on your VM at /home/vagrant/sharedFolder

Tools Included

  • Pwndbg
  • Pwntools
  • Binwalk
  • Radare2
  • Capstone, Unicorn and Keystone Engines
  • Qira Timeless Debugger
  • AFL
  • Valgrind , VGdb
  • ROPGadget, XRop, Ropper, rp++
  • Intel PIN
  • Angr
  • z3
  • frida
  • Compiler tools: CLANG, LLVM, GDBMultiarch, GDBArm
  • Useful tools: htop, lynx, socat, p7zip, mc

Download cgPwn


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