Wednesday 29 January 2014

Increase Your Twitter Followers By Simple Script

Hello everyone.. Today i am going to show you that how you can increase your Twitter Followers by simple script. I have already reported to Twitter about this bug.

Above image shown my real followers. But after that, when i run the script in browser console then my followers automatically increase. This script is still working..

Steps to follow:

  1. Login with your twitter account.

  2. Then go to the another twitter account whose followers you want to increase like example:    
 3. In Chrome press F12 then console body will open.
4. Just paste the following script in the console body.


5. Press enter .. Done

As you can see in below image:

After some few seconds my twitter followers increase from 1,044 to 1,111. I was happy to see it. But this script only increase counting of followers not real person followers. Your Twitter followers counts will return to your original number of followers in 2-3 hrs. 

I reported to Twitter about this bug and they replied.

Script is still working .. I hope twitter will be fixed this issue as soon as possible. Till than you can use this script :P. This bug has found by Karnesh Mehra.
Hope you enjoy this article..


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