Tuesday 11 February 2014

Steps To Securing Your Mobile Device

As the world is moving forward so is the technology along with it. Nowadays everybody has a cell phone or smart phone which can also be called tiny computers, which might replace the computers in the future as I see it. We carry these devices everywhere we go, to party, to lunch or a business meeting. It provides every facility we need and along with those facilities comes the security issues. Mobile can be pinpointed through cell tower triangulation, which uses the towers to pinpoint your location or GPS.
Nowadays people not only carry their mobile for just taking pictures but the people also carry their important data from a social security number to their family’s contact number or pictures which can turn one’s life to a total different direction. Due to the current technology of GPS and GPS-enabled cell phones it has become important to protect your data along with yourself.

  1. What is the password??
It may sound simple but a simple password protection is a lot better and more money saving than buying security software for your mobile phone and there is not even a single cell phone in this world which doesn’t come with this type of protection. What this simple step will do is that even if your cell phone is stolen it will prevent any sort of unauthorized access for anyone. If you want a little high level protection you can also go with PIN lock for SIM which will prevent anyone from accessing your SIM, because they will be asked to enter the pass when the mobile is turned on.

  1. Keep an eye out
Don’t let any person you do not trust use your phone when you are not around, a simple spyware can be downloaded within minutes and that simple spyware can easily gain access to your phonebook, text message and might even let the other person listen to your conversation.

  1. Don’t do it
We already know we carry a lot of things in our phone and we can’t just sit there and keep them only in our phone without sharing it with others, I mean to say who wouldn’t want to share a group photo with their mates. But what would you do if you suddenly get a notification that a certain device wants to connect with you, don’t do it. Don’t connect to that device if you don’t trust it, someone can easily transfer a virus through it or whatnot. Set up your device in such a way that it’s not visible to others so that unknown device can’t connect to it.

  1. Keep it back
If you carry any sort of important information or just some music it’s always wise to keep a back-up of your data, important or not. In case you lost that data and really need it back, you wouldn’t have any other choice but to give up and of course where you back it up should be secured. Encrypting the data is the best choice so that no one can access it.

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Mahnoor Malik is a Regular contributor for TechInAsia ,Lifehack , AdClout.com and Yahoo Contributor. She is the Business Consultant at Bizclout.com.


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