Monday 29 June 2015

Data-Driven Security: Analysis, Visualization And Dashboards ($40.99 Value) FREE eBook Available

Data-Driven Security: Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards ($40.99 Value) FREE eBook Available for a limited time!

Uncover hidden patterns of data and respond with countermeasures.

Security professionals need all the tools at their disposal to increase their visibility in order to prevent security breaches and attacks. You'll soon understand how to harness and wield data, from collection and storage to management and analysis as well as visualization and presentation.

Using a hands-on approach with real-world examples, this book shows you how to gather feedback, measure the effectiveness of your security methods, and make better decisions. Everything in this book will have practical application for information security professionals.

  • Helps IT and security professionals understand and use data, so they can thwart attacks and understand and visualize vulnerabilities in their networks
  • Includes more than a dozen real-world examples and hands-on exercises that demonstrate how to analyze security data and intelligence and translate that information into visualizations that make plain how to prevent attacks
  • Covers topics such as how to acquire and prepare security data, use simple statistical methods to detect malware, predict rogue behavior, correlate security events, and more
  • Written by a team of well-known experts in the field of security and data analysis

Lock down your networks, prevent hacks, and thwart malware by improving visibility into the environment, all through the power of data and Security Using Data Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards.

Publisher: Wiley


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