Friday 5 June 2015

PunkSPIDER A Global Web Application Vulnerability Search Engine

PunkSPIDER a global web application vulnerability search engine. Deeper, faster, harder scans!

Its scan BSQLI, SLI XSS, TRAV, MXI, OSCI, XPATHI  OR, AND vulnerabilities sections step by step.

About the company:
Its an small software development company focused on innovative research in a variety of areas. Our backgrounds are as hackers, pen testers, developers, engineers, security researchers and intel analysts. We spent some time in the infosec services world but we just aren't cut out for business suits and trade shows.

We search our website and found no vulnerability results!

Company Still 89,999,252 Sites Scanned and 3,377,131 Vulnerabilities found.

Visit: to find the web application vulnerability online.


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