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7 Most Sensible Android Tools That Keeps Your Phone Safe

7 Most Sensible Android Tools That Keeps Your Phone Safe
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7 Most Sensible Android Tools That Keeps Your Phone Safe

There are many people uses Android phone in the world and most of them focus on the security tools like Lookout, Norton & AVG which are only scanning malware suites.  But here we have a good news for android users.

Here are we discussing the most practical tools that can protect your Android phone as well as all your data. Because these tools will protect your personal data in a very effective way without affects your phone performance.

Now you will have no tension about your phone’s security  because these tools tighten up your Google account security settings and improves performance as well.  So, the list is given below:

1. Screen Pinning System:

It is one of the most useful tools of Android phone which is easily available on your phone and you can secure your personal info with the help of this tool. 

Usually, many times your friends, colleagues or your family members ask your phone for a quick call, or may be for using web pages for check something or social sites or to see some photos of any occasion then you have tensed about checking your personal data. So, now you have no worry all about this after using this simple and effective tool. Here’s give some steps for using screen pinning system which are as follows – 

Turn Screen Pinning On or Off:

Before you start the screen pinning system make sure that this feature is activated in your phone because it is easily available on Android 5.0 but after that you should activates it. Then you can use it following given steps:

1. Open your device's Settings app.
2. Scroll down and touch Security.
3. Touch Screen pinning.
4. At the top, check the settings are on or off.
5. If the settings are off then switch to ON.
6. If you turned screen pinning on, you'll also see an option to "Ask for unlock pattern before unpinning."
7. Open an app and go to the screen you want to pin.
8. At the bottom, touch the Overview button and swipe up to reveal the pin icon.
9. Then touch the pin icon.
10. If you want to unpin the screen then touch and hold Back & Overview button at the same time.
11. Then release both buttons and the screen will be unpinned.

And now you can handover your phone without any tension for sometime.

2. A Password Management App

Everyone has tensed about their personal info which they stored in their phone and all of them using many passwords to protect their data from others. But there are probability of forgetting your password in that case you must use any password management app.

You have no idea how helpful is this for you. This will create a strong passwords for every site in your phone which you will sign up and store it. Because it will uses advanced encryption process to keep safe your personal data; all have done very easily only you have to remember a single & secure password to unlock your vault at the start of each session. 

The Password Management App like – LastPass. It is an application that will allow you to carry your LastPass data around with you. As always, this data can only be unlocked using your email address and password. And it costs around $12/yr. for the full premium version. Other popular password managers are – 1 Password and Dashlane. 

Here given some steps of using LastPass App which are as follows:

1. You can use LastPass to fill Android apps and sites in Chrome (requires Android 4.1+ for copy/paste buttons and Android 4.3+ for autofilling and Chrome)
2. Open your LastPass Vault on Android.
3. Share site entries and folders.
4. Look into our Bookmarklets option, which offers limited access to fundamental LastPass features. In order to install Bookmarklets, go to the LastPass app, log in and open Vault Menu > Settings > Browser > Advanced to find the ‘Install Bookmarklets’ option.
5. Use the LastPass extension for the Dolphin HD browser.

Even you can see here a video to learn how you can use LastPass app:

3. A Two-Factor Authentication Security

As we all know that passwords should be cracked by hackers or anyone knows your passwords then you should have tension about your phone’s personal data. So in this condition you should add an extra layer for protection which can protects your phone unwanted intruders and believe me it is very easy to use.  

You can protects your data with this tool and you can use a free app which is known as Authy that can easily run on your phone, tablet as well as on your desktop or laptop system if you want. And the best thing is that Google has its own Authenticator app for android. 

4. Android's Smart Lock feature

It is very helpful and smart feature for protecting your phone in a very smart way. You can use it like a smartwatch that protect your data automatically in not secure place. If you want to use this smart feature you have setup of this feature in your phone and then you can go in your Security section of your phone setting and use this efficient feature. 

5. Android's Advanced App-Scanning Feature

You know what your Android phone had its own effective and very secure tool which can provide a very high-level security in a very simple way. Yes, actually Android had it’s own native malware – scanning system software for your phone, that can scan your device continuously. 

You can use this tool going into Google section of your system settings. Firstly, select “Security” and then activate the “Scan device for security threats” option, if this tool isn’t already activated. Now your device and software will handle all the resting problems in your phone.

6. Android Device Manager

This is very effective and useful android tool is already present on your phone and that can find ring and even remotely lock or erase your phone from a computer or from other device. 

You can enable it by going into the Google section of your system settings and then selecting “Security.” You’ll want both options under “Android Device Manager” to be activated. 

Now whenever you lose your device, just open up the Android Device Manager Website or Android Device Manager App from another phone or a tablet for tracking your device and secure it when you find.

7. An Android VPN client

Generally, people spend a lot of time in surfing in the intenet through Wi-Fi at airports, hotels or other public places then you must use this efficient tool because it encrypts all of your data and keeps away strangers from snooping and seeing your personal info. 

It can allow you to mask your actual IP address and location, too, and thus access websites and services that might normally be blocked in your area -- something that could be relevant and beneficial for some users.

Well android has a lot number of VPN clients available but there is one of better app is SurfEasy. This app is very trustworthiness because it is owned and operated by the same company behind the Opera browser which is very reputated organization. The price of this app is starting from $3/mo. For unlimited use on a single device. 


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