Tuesday 16 February 2016

CTF-Tool: A Tool To Create An Installer Of Various Security Research Tools

CTF-Tool: A Tool To Create An Installer Of Various Security Research Tools

Definition: CTF-tool (a collection of scripts) that can be easily used to create an install of various security research tools. It can be easily deployable to new machines as they all are in one place.

Installer's features for the following tools are here:

For more you can go through this link (https://github.com/zardus/ctf-tools).


To use, do:

# set up the path
/path/to/ctf-tools/bin/manage-tools setup
source ~/.bashrc

# list the available tools
manage-tools list

# install gdb, allowing it to try to sudo install dependencies
manage-tools -s install gdb

# install pwntools, but don't let it sudo install dependencies
manage-tools install pwntools

# uninstall gdb
manage-tools uninstall gdb

# uninstall all tools
manage-tools uninstall all

# search for a tool
manage-tools search preload

Installed things of these tools are saved in tool/directory, and the uninstalls are clean by calling git. You have to create a virtualenv so that it support Python dependencies, before installing and using tools.


Because of demand, a Dockerfile has also been included. If you want to make docker image then you can make with:

git clone https://github.com/zardus/ctf-tools
docker build -t ctf-tools .

Run it by using below command:

docker run -it ctf-tools


For building a Vagrant VM with:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zardus/ctf-tools/master/Vagrantfile
vagrant up

And connect to it via:

vagrant ssh

For adding Tools:

Follow the given steps, if you want to add a tool:

Create a toolname directory.
Create an install script.
Create an uninstall script.

Install Scripts:

$PWD run the install script. And it should be installed into the directory. For fully uninstallation you can call git clean. Bin directory is created by install script that contains all the executables there which can be automatically linked into the main bin directory.


For ctf-tools the license is "starware". You can also go through the following link (https://github.com/zardus/ctf-tools).

Download Link: Click Here


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