Saturday 26 March 2016

1.5 Million Verizon Customers Data Have been Breached, Goes up For Sale

1.5 Million Verizon Customers Data Have been Breached, Goes up For Sale

According to a Krebs security report, recently a thread has posted on an advertised of cyber crime forums that consists the information about the contacts of the database that is used for sailing the lot at $100,000 for the usually 1.5 million Verizon Enterprise Customers.

According to a statement of Verizon that it had determined and detects the thread in its site yet before hackers could steal its important and confidential data of its clients. 

The company identified the flaws and repaired that threat with the vulnerability of the security for the enterprise client portal.

Even the company said in a statement of an email, “Our investigation to date found an attacker obtained basic contact information on a number of our enterprise customers. No customer proprietary network information (CPNI) or other data was accessed or accessible."

And you know what the Verizon Enterprise Solutions is famous for its responses to many other enterprises regarding the hacking data as well as it helps in many other investigations & forensic tasks. 

The best thing is that the company also published its annual report on the Data Breach Investigations that consists many case studies and knowledge related to the cyber crimes which have been named by Gaetneras who is a leader of managed security services. 

As all know that the image of the Verizon's mobile service does not affect by this incident as well as the enterprise customers who had already lost their contact details that would not be targeted by direct attacks. 

Whereas that details can help the hackers for performing the phishing scams but they couldn't. Because according to the Wikipedia page of Verizon said that the 99 percent of its 500 enterprises companies using its enterprises services. 


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