Friday 11 November 2016

Hackers Exploited, Apple Safari, Adobe Flash and Google Pixel in 60 Seconds

Hackers Hacked Google Pixel in 60 Seconds

On Friday, Chinese hackers successfully Exploited Apple Safari, Adobe Flash and Google Pixel at PwnFest hacking competition in Seoul, Japan.

Exploit launched in Google Play store with showing a webpage "Pwned By 360 Alpha Team" before opening chrome.

It's a second-time zero-day exploit found, first was developed by Qihoo 360 rival Keen Team of Tencent at the Mobile Pwn2Own event in Japan. Which is still unpatched.

Qihoo 360 hackers won in total $520,000 in PwnFest contest.

In the Video, hackers are showing that how they exploit all features of the phone including, photos, messages, personal contacts and calls.


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