Tuesday 11 April 2017

Broadcom WiFi Chip Vulnerable To Air Hacking

Broadcom WiFi Chip Vulnerable To Air Hacking

Broadcom WiFi Chip Vulnerable To Air Hacking

The most popular Wi-Fi-chip called Broadcom Wi-Fi chip has a vulnerability of air cracking posing severe impacts on Android phones and iOS.Since the problem lies within the source code of the chip programming, the smart phone users has to wait for the patch to be cleared by the company. This flaw is recently reported in December by the Google Project Zero Team.

Now the working is little bit interesting for all the hackers. The attacker has to be on the same network as the legitimate users, by doing so they could remotely execute a code on device with this vulnerability. Certain assumptions have been put forward by the Zero Project Team based on their studies.

The flaw came into expose and now termed as air-cracking. The method of feeding a device’s Wi-Fi frames with irregular values causes a stack overflow in the Broadcom firmware. This creates an opening to run exploits on the device. The attacker could seed values into some specific memory addresses causing the exploit scripts to run without the user’s intervention. Even malicious applications like banking Trojans, remote access exploits could be installed easily.

Recent iOS update has released a patch which fixed this flaw on their devices. In the case of Android, it will take to get updated.

This Article is submitted By Adarsh Sree Adhi. He is an Cyber security researcher.


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