Sunday 2 June 2013

AVDClone: To Create An AVD Preinstalled With The Apps

AVDClone: Clone an Android Virtual Device for easy distribution through the Android SDK Manager. You can create an AVD preinstalled with the apps and settings you need, and distribute it to others by having them point their Android SDK Manager to your repository.
The packaged AVD and repository are designed to be hosted on the web, but you can just as easily host them locally for development.

You will need the following python modules
    >> beautifulsoup4
    >> argparse
   >>  zipfile 


    1.  Create an AVD you want to clone, and change any settings or install any apps you    wish to persist
    2. Create a config.ini basef on the config.ini in the templates directory
    3.  Run python -c /path/to/config.ini AVD_NAME
    4. Pointing the Android SDK Manager to the newly created 'addons.xml' file will allow you to install this AVD as a package. (I like to use python -m SimpleHTTPServer to host a directory for local development)



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