Saturday 23 November 2013

Anti Sniffer Tools List To Protect You From Sniffing Attacks

As we known spoofing attack is a situation in which one person or program successfully masquerades as another by falsifying data and thereby gaining an illegitimate advantage.
So today we are posting some Antisniffer tools to protect you from sniffing attacks.

1. Trafscrambler:

It is an anti-sniffer/IDS LKM(Network Kernel Extension) for OSX
  •  SYN decoy - sends out number of SYN pkts before the original SYN pkt
  •  TCP reset attack - sends out RST/FIN pkt with bad sequence
  •  Pre-connection SYN - sends out SYN with wrong TCP-checksum
  •  Post-connection SYN - sends out fake SYN after connection establishment
  •  Zero Window - send out pkt with “0” window set
  • Injection of packets with bogus data and with randomly selected bad TCP cksum or bad TCP sequences
  • Userland binary(tsctrl) for controlling trafscrambler NKE
  • Plugged an mbuf leak

2. Sniff joke:

SniffJoke is an application for Linux that handle transparently your TCP connection, delaying, modifying and inject fake packets inside your transmission, make them almost impossible to be correctly read by a passive wiretapping technology (IDS or sniffer).


3. Kitty-Litter
Its a small size tool  and configured and installed by all types of userrs. This tool is protect from data leakage from the websites and online accounts.


4. ACiD (ARP Change intrusion Detector) 
ACID is a network monitoring tool that detects anomalies in IP to MAC pairs.
ACiD has been designed to evidence the anomalies that are due to active attacks on the network. For example is possible to detect arpspoof-like attacks. 



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