Thursday 3 September 2015

Winning the War on CyberCrime: The Four Keys to Holistic Fraud Prevention

Winning the War on CyberCrime: The Four Keys to Holistic Fraud Prevention.

CyberCriminals are stepping up their attacks on financial institutions by gaining control of customer devices with highly advanced Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) malware and spear phishing attacks. They then conduct real-time credential theft and take over accounts.

The main reason for cybercriminals' continued success is that highly evasive advanced financial malware allows for a wide variety of attacks that are very difficult to detect with traditional fraud prevention technologies.

Download the latest white paper to learn:
  • How real-time intelligence is necessary to conclusively detect and prevent attacks
  • The importance of adapting to changes in fraud attacks without significant bank involvement or end user disruptions
  • The benefits of a transparent system that does not burden customers with complex authentication protocols or long delays
  • Why only a comprehensive fraud prevention platform can truly protect an organization from fraud attempts
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