Tuesday 12 January 2016

Malware "Tyupkin” : New Invention Of Cyber Criminals For Accomplishing ATM Attacks

Malware "Tyupkin” : New Invention Of Cyber Criminals For Accomplishing ATM Attacks

Over the last few years we have seen so many crimes regarding the ATM attacks using malicious malware or through any other means. 

By passing a years so many devices and malware have been designed by the Cybercriminals to accomplish their crime. Tyupkin is one of them. Cybercriminals have been designed the new generation ATM attack malware called “Tyupkin”.

The main advantage of that malware is that it allows criminals to identify the amount of money in each cash cassette and dispense it by manipulation along with this particular malware is active only at a particular days in night like Sunday and Monday.

It also unable the McAfee Solidcore and the criminal should have the knowledge of the algorithm to enter the correct key because it enables them to find out the amount of money in particular cassette.

Once the key which they entered is valid then everything is in their hands they can easily get all the details like “available balance in each cassette” etc. And, after that physically then can spew 40 notes from cassette.

As a part of investigation on 7th January 2016 eight people were arrested in Moldova and Romania. These eight Cybercriminals attempt to attack ATM by using this malware “Tyupkin”. They installed the malware by using bootable CD. Actually they have already made millions only by using this malware to empty the ATM around Europe and beyond many countries.

This is one of the footage of ATM machine system in which criminal is trying to installed a malware.

The malware first used was detected in October 2014 by Russian security firm. At this particular investigation time “Tyupkin” is already active in more than 50 ATMs in Eastern Europe. A several techniques is used by “tyupkin” malware to avoid detection.

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Law-enforcement agencies provide some of the general advice on which we have to think upon to eradicate these kind of crimes. Whether the ATM are in general premises or in surroundings just review the security. Always ensure that not any external devices have been attached to the ATM machines for this purpose we have to enhance security protocols. Vendors or inappropriate people should not be provided access to the ATM.


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