Monday 29 February 2016

New Phase of Crypto Wars Between FBI And Apple

New Phase of Crypto Wars Between FBI And Apple

New Phase of Crypto Wars Between FBI And Apple. 

Do you know what is known as Crypto wars? Okay I’ll tell you that In the 1990s the U.S. authorities tried to strictly stop any kind of effective encryption because that were calling the very defective as well as harmful to export the polished munitions and then finally they were misplaced. And after that this will become known as Crypto Wars for over 20 years. 

One more time again the war catching fire after the exposing of Snowden event in which the subject was that the technological companies again began spreading encryption by placing their common and popular consumer products. And you know what that time the war led by FBI Director James Comey who is an officer of Law Enforcement and they clamorously insisted that the U.S. technological companies created a backdoor only for disturbing them by encrypting process.

But as all of us know that this wouldn’t be possible because there were not only U.S. technical companies who know and could create the backdoor but also hackers can also do this work very effectively and this is widely and well known by everyone. That’s why the news was letting down and not spreading so much else it moving out faster. But the encryption for disturbing the officers still continues.

But the advocates of technical US companies alert towards the disturbing element that is encryption and they always alert for this and actively pointed out the insufficiency and impossibilities of the anti-encryption movement that was jumping on any sign of backsliding. And they have always focused on the process of defending the encryption, even the US authorities always tried to shift their focus to anything else. 

Whereas the public noticed all these fights between Apple & FBI and this could not be wrong if you want to say that the public also entered in the Post-Crypto Phase in this Crypto Wars.  

The Court Order:-

Apple is precluding the Court Orders because it would be required to found and provide a new way to hack an iPhone 5c that is belonging to San Bernardino killer Syed Rizwan Farook.

But there is a problem that the Apple could not break the encryption because they have no idea about how they scrambled the iPhone’s data. Whereas FBI has no tension about all this incident because there were no need to worry for FBI either the company tried to open phone with just a single right password or not. 

And the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook gave a disaffected response towards public regarding the court order, “The ‘key’ to an encrypted system is a piece of information that unlocks the data, and it is only as secure as the protections around it.”

And it’s those protections that are now under siege.

And if you think this was a sudden move through the government’s side but it’s not true this is not a sudden move for a government. As Bloomberg News recently reported, President Obama’s National Security Council last fall shaped a secret “decision memo” in which they are requesting to government agencies to revealed the both technical and legal ways to skirt encryption instead of breaking it.

They were also said that analyze the whole conditions and find out the cost of each and every option. Whether there was a need of changing any kind of laws then think about that and do the right thing according to the situation that’s why figure out all things and gave them a report related to that event.

According to a Washington Post story in September, an administration of Obama sent a working group who spent some months and worked with that technical companies then after that they were coming up with a list of technological methods for breaking the encryption. 

And finally, they obscene with a particular one idea of professionals of computer security that was to force companies for sending the  malware to users phones for using automatic software updates.

Whereas regardlessly Comey’s continue to complaining that the enforcement law is continuously “going dark” due to encryption and the FBI has been continuously not only creating but also purchasing viruses, Trojan horses, and many other types of malware to help break the digital devices and finally, they got success to find the unbreakable encryption after many years.

In September, an FBI spokesperson Christopher Allen wrote in an email to The Intercept that “The FBI routinely identifies, evaluates, and tests potential exploits in the interest of cyber security.”

According to the public records it is shown that the FBI had been used the physically hacking into the computers since at least 2001 when they placed a keystroke-logger on Scarfo’s computer that is known as “Little Nicky” after an investigation related to the American Mafia.

And those days FBI were also used its own created a self-malware which is known as Computer and IP Address Verifier (CIPAV). Even government agents tricked to find a high school kid in Washington into downloading it and exposing his identity when he was making bomb threats in 2007. 

The technology policy program manager for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Andrea Castillo wrote in an email to The Intercept, “I think that for many within law enforcement, the priority is to access data, point blank. That could mean installing backdoors directly into encryption standards or finding some kind of workaround.”

She also added that “The first strategy failed in the court of public opinion, so it appears that they are now attempting more covert methods to get around encryption. Unfortunately, there are major security risks with both approaches.”

National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers said in January that “spending time arguing” is “a waste of time.” And also said that it would be a bigger issue for domestic local law enforcement after forcing the Yahoo News.

But it is also true and also show in the documents of Snowden that the NSA has passed many years for actively trying to hack Apple phones as well as devices and you know what this would be starting from date back to 2006 even that time it was not unveiled.

A Big Con?

The technology and civil liberties policy analyst for the Niskanen Center, Ryan Hagemann wrote in an email to The Intercept, “Over the past few months, I’ve been wondering why it is the FBI has been pushing so hard in the public forum to advocate for backdoors when almost everyone, from technologists to the tech industry to civil society to Congress, has been opposed to such an approach.”

And also added that  “I think what we’re seeing unfold here is part of a multi-pronged strategy by law enforcement, possibly with the tacit approval and support of the intelligence community.”

Hagemann said also about the way of trying to hack the digital devices,“I think we should be more fearful of the strategy the FBI is using in the courts to push their ill-advised and Constitutionally dubious agenda.”

Julian Sanchez who is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, said that “The threat of a costly fight over legislation, even if unlikely to become law, may be largely geared toward getting Silicon Valley, or, at least, a critical mass of companies, to adopt a more cooperative posture.” That means “quietly finding ways to accommodate the government.”

According to Sanchez when finally the government accepts that the self-explanatory evident for this unbreakable encryption then there will be need of some kind of demanding with the “compromise” with the legislative process.

And also said that it will be imaginable “privacy groups celebrating a victory” when it happens, “while intel officials snicker into their sleeves at a ‘defeat’ due to the plan.


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