Monday 6 June 2016

Breaking News: Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest Account Got Hacked

Breaking News: Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Accounts Have Been Hacked

Even billionaires get hacked. Yes, you heard it right.

He might be running a world's biggest social networking site but he is also prone to cyber attacks because of bad password security.

Undoubtedly he is maintaining a top notch security on his Facebook properties but not on other's properties. Some of his social media accounts got hijacked on Sunday and attackers were posting messages to show off their access.

The team behind this hack is OurMine Team, they managed to hack into Mark's Twitter and Pinterest account and they have also claimed to have accessed to Mark's Instagram account, although Facebook has denied this to several media companies.

OurMine Team has not confirmed yet how they have broken into his social media accounts but they were thankful to the latest LinkedIn Data Dump leaked a while ago.

His Facebook account was not affected, though.

Here is the evidence been leaked on the internet.

It looks like he has committed the basic security mistake: he used the same passwords again and again.

According to OurMine Team, Mark used the same password for Twitter and Pinterest account as he used in his LinkedIn account ("dadada").

Update: All his accounts have been restored now and the rogue posts have been removed as well.


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