Thursday 23 June 2016

Google Has Made 2-Factor Authentication A Lot Easier To Use With A New Feature

Google Has Made 2-Factor Authentication A Lot Easier To Use With A New Feature.

Although Google has provided an excellent way to keep your account safe by using a two-factor authentication but now it has made much easier for their user to authenticate by introducing a new mobile feature. Two-factor authentication is a type of authentication through which we can achieve multiple layers of security.  

It is always better to have two-factor authentication or dual factor of authentication because single factor of authentication is the weakest form of authentication, suppose if the entities are protected by single factor authentication example: Username and password then it is always at high risk.

Although Google has offered the two-factor authentication for a while now, the process which is handled by Google is explained in following steps:

1.    If you try to sign in the Google services from a new device.
2.    One time password (OTP) will be generated and send to your registered mobile number.
3.    After entering that OTP, you will be able to log in successfully.

But this process is little cumbersome, either you have to wait for a message for one-time password or ensure that the device you had first signed up with Google Authenticator is always with you. This made many users switch away from Google two-factor authentication for their account security. Now Google understands it that it will become so easy for the user to authenticate themselves by two-factor authentication using Google prompt.

For Android, a new feature of Google prompt has been built into the Google play services, whereas, for iOS devices you need to install from Google search app.

Now we will see how to set up two-factor authentication with Google account:

Step One: Go to the home page of your Google account:

Step Two: Click on Sign-in & Security, followed by Password and Signing in method and click on 2-Step Verification.

Step Three: Click on ‘Get Started’ after which it will ask you to for your mobile number. Next, you’ll have to choose how you want the OTP (text message or phone call). Select text message and click on next. After you get the OTP, enter the same and click turn on.

Step Four: Once 2-step verification is turned on, you can select alternative second step – such as Google prompt, authenticator app, backup phone, backup codes (that you can print and keep) or security key, which allows you to use a physical device such as a USB flash disk as a security key to sign in.

Step Five: Click on Google Prompt, it will show you your Android or iOS device connected with your Google Account. A prompt will appear on this smartphone, just tap yes and your 2-step verification will be enabled.

This new feature for two-factor authentication is much easier than the previous one i.e. when you try to log in from a new device; a popup screen will get generated in your mobile with “yes” and “no” option.

If you want to allow just click yes, and hence you will be logged in, and it makes a relief to the user from the possibility of long waiting of message for the one-time password.


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