Wednesday 10 August 2016

A2SV: Auto Scanning Tool To Find SSL Vulnerability

Auto Scanning to SSL Vulnerability

A2SV: Auto Scanning Tool To Find SSL Vulnerability

What is A2SV?
Its an Auto Scanning tool to find SSL Vulnerability and its featured with HeartBleed, CCS Injection, SSLv3 POODLE, FREAK... etc

A. Support Vulnerability

[CVE-2014-0160] CCS Injection
[CVE-2014-0224] HeartBleed
[CVE-2014-3566] SSLv3 POODLE
[CVE-2015-0204] FREAK Attack
[CVE-2015-4000] LOGJAM Attack
[CVE-2016-0703] SSLv2 DROWN

B. Dev Plan


2. How to Install?

A. Download(clone) & Unpack A2SV

git clone
cd a2sv
B. Install Python Package / OpenSSL

pip install argparse
pip install netaddr

apt-get install openssl
C. Run A2SV

python -h

3. How to Use?

usage: [-h] [-t TARGET] [-p PORT] [-m MODULE] [-v]

Optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-t TARGET, --target TARGET
                      Target URL/IP Address
-p PORT, --port PORT  Custom Port / Default: 443
-m MODULE, --module MODULE
                      Check SSL Vuln with one module
                      [h]: HeartBleed
                      [c]: CCS Injection
                      [p]: SSLv3 POODLE
                      [f]: OpenSSL FREAK
                      [l]: OpenSSL LOGJAM
                      [d]: SSLv2 DROWN
-u, --update          Update A2SV (GIT)
-v, --version         Show Version

[Scan SSL Vulnerability]
python -t
python -t -m heartbleed
python -t -p 8111

[Update A2SV]
python -u
python --update



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