Monday 9 April 2018

Adhrit: The Android Recon Tool

Adhrit: The Android Recon Tool

Adhrit is an open source Android APK reversing and analysis tool that can help security researchers and CTF enthusiasts alike. 

The tool is an effort to cut down on the amount of time spent on reversing and basic reconnaissance of Android applications.

Millions of mobile applications are launching day by day. Some may contain malicious scripts that can compromise your personal data anytime. When malware databases are analysed, the count increases continuously. ADHRIT is one such tool for reversing and analyzing those vulnerable applications.

Normally the following steps were adopted by experts to extract the source code of an APK file.

Steps of Static Analysis:

1.Use ApkTool to disassemble the Android app and perform small code analysis
using any editor.
2. Use Dex2Jar to convert the source code from .dex file into java code and
then use JDGUI to parse the java code.

ADHRIT will consume just seconds to do the above mentioned steps. This tool holds a characteristic feature of user flexibility as they could decide how much of data they want.

What Adhrit Can Do?

•Extract the APK contents into a directory
•Dump certificate details
•Extract source code in Smali
•Extract source code in Java
•Recompile smali back into APK
•Parse binary Manifest XML into readable XML
•Search for native libraries
•Analyze permissions used by the application
•Check for malware footprints in the VirusTotal database


•Linux or MAC
•Java JDK


  • Dowload the zip or clone the package and extract the tool ( git clone ).
  • Place the application in the tool directory.
  • Open a terminal and cd into the directory.
  • Run python for installing the necessary tools.
  • Use python -h for usage help.

Example: python -a my_app.apk

About the Author:
This article is posted by Adarsh S. He is an cyber security researcher of HackersOnlineClub doing Web Exploitation and Defense strategies.


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