Monday 22 February 2016

Intel Security Designs The Mobile Security Solution For Samsung Galaxy S7 Devices

Intel Security Designs The Mobile Security Solution For Samsung Galaxy S7 Devices

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 come up with a new modification(Mobile security solution). Mobile Security Solution is designed to help the Samsung Galaxy S7 Customers from the growing mobile threats. McAfee VirusScan is already pre-installed in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and GalaxyS7 edge. With this modification, Samsung users are protected with the anti-malware technology.

Even though, the targets of cybercriminals are laptop or desktop. But nowadays there has been a tremendously increase in the sophisticated and complex new malware targeting mobile devices. In the report of Intel Security’s Mobile Threat, "From the past 6 months around 3 million devices have been affected by the malware and they also found that as compared to Q3 2015 the mobile malware increased about 24% in Q4 2015"

The Corporate vice president at Intel Security, John Giamatteo said that 
"We have to secure the data from malware because as nowadays mobile devices became a way to do sensitive transactions. He also said that Intel Security is trying to combat (by collaborating with big companies like Samsung)these mobile threats so that Samsung user can experience the connected world with more confidence."

The vice president of Mobile Security Technologies of Samsung Mobile, Henry Lee said that 
"He wants that Samsung customers feel comfortable to experience the connected digital world with the enhanced anti-malware solution, which is offered by them. As smartphones became the important part of every days life, so it is necessary to provide a high level of protection to protect the users important data."

What is McAfee VirusScan Technology?

It is a technology that allows us to scan files and apps, that are stored in either device or SD card. It helps to prevent the data from any malware threats or malicious codes from Trojan, Viruses.

Availability of McAfee VirusScan:

As Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge contains the pre-installed McAfee VirusScan anti-malware technology from Intel Security, so an additional purchase is necessary. 

Intel Security at Mobile World Congress

Intel Security run demos of the features of McAfee VirusScan on Samsung mobile devices at Mobile World Congress.

About Intel Security:

  • Intel Security is having features like:
  • Innovative approach to hardware-enhanced security.
  • Security Connected strategy.
  • Unique Global Threat Intelligence.

Intel Security is also focusing on proven security solutions and services that protect systems, developing proactive, and mobile devices for business and personal use around the world. Intel Security wants everyone to live and work securely and safely in this world of digital.


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