Tuesday 19 April 2016

Developers Of Chrome Web Store Have To Improve User Data Transparency

Developers Of Chrome Web Store Have To Improve User Data Transparency

Google has declared that it is adjusting the User Data Policy for the Chrome Web Store as well as the developers also have three months to make the required changes if they do not want their addons as well as apps to be booted from the online store.

Teresita Perez and Athas Nikolakakos of the Chrome Policy Team noted, “The new User Data Policy extends existing policies to ensure transparent use of the data in a way that is consistent with the wishes and expectations of users.” 

Whereas they noted that the Developers will be needed for:
  • The developers have to make their own extensions as well as apps also for handling the data of the user in a secure way. 
  • It provides an apparent privacy policy that will expansively reveal how the software gathers, uses as well as shares the data of the users in which including the types of parties with whom it is shared.
  • It is important to show the links to the privacy policy in the selected field in the Chrome Web Store Developer Dashboard as well as in the inline installation page of the software.
  • Ask users to approval for the gathering of personal as well as sensitive data through a well-known revelation and when the use of the data is not regarded to a famous feature.

Even developers will also be banned for publicly disclosing the user’s details regarding their financial, payment or authentication information, and from collecting web browsing activity when it is not required for the main functionality of an item.

The developers described that “Protecting our users is our key priority, and we believe this change will make sure users are better informed and allow them to choose how their user data is handled.”
Whereas Google says that the items on the Chrome Web Store that fails to stick to the new Privacy Policy after July 14, 2016 will be detached.

And finally, the developers concluded that “We'll notify developers when we discover items that violate the User Data Policy, and they'll have until July 14, 2016 to make any changes needed for compliance. Starting July 15th, 2016, items that violate the policy will be removed from the Web Store and will need to become compliant to be reinstated.”

Obviously, it remains to be seen whether the efforts of the company in discovering as well as eliminating the non-complying apps as well as also for extensions will be sufficient to keep users safe.


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